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Arkansas Academy of Computing By-Laws

(Adopted April 2006, amended April 2009, April 2010 and April 2011)


The Arkansas Academy of Computing (Academy) was created on April 7, 2006. It is an entity within and administered by the Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering under the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

The purposes of the Academy are to:

  • Recognize persons who have made significant and sustained contributions to the computing industry
  • Influence and advocate computing and information technology education (all levels) and jobs within our state
  • Raise funds among the membership to provide direct scholarships to students and support related programs
  • Promote professionalism in the field of computing

Other purposes of the Academy may be adopted by a 75% vote of the active membership.



The members inducted in the first class on April 7, 2006, will be designated as charter members of the Academy.

The Executive Committee will determine the number of persons to be inducted each year, the minimum years of experience for eligibility, and any other criteria that the Committee shall deem appropriate.

The Executive Committee will elect new members for induction into the Academy each year.

Persons eligible for Membership will have made a significant and sustained contribution to the field of computing. Eligible persons will be graduates of an Arkansas institution of higher education and/or persons who have had a significant portion of their computing career within the state of Arkansas.

The Membership of the Academy will adopt a suggested contribution for all members for each year in order to defray the operating expenses of the Academy. The list of contributors will be confidential and maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer. The funds for the Academy will be maintained in an account with the University of Arkansas Foundation. The Secretary-Treasurer with the approval of the President may authorize ordinary operating expenses of the Academy. Any exceptional expenditure must be authorized by the Executive Board. Such exceptional expenses may include the designation and payment of scholarship funds as may be authorized by the Executive Committee from time to time to or on behalf of students attending or agreeing to attend any duly accredited Arkansas higher educational institution, including but not limited to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus, under guidelines approved by the Executive Committee.



1. Meetings of the Membership

An Annual Meeting of the membership shall be held between April 1 and May 15 of each year.

There shall be an induction ceremony for the purpose of inducting newly elected members and it shall usually be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting at a time and place determined by the Executive Committee.

There may be such other meetings as shall be determined by the Executive Committee or a petition signed by one third of the Active Membership shall require the Executive Committee to call such meetings.
All such meetings shall be announced by U.S. Postal Service or electronic mail at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the meeting.

2. Quorum at the Membership Meetings

A quorum shall consist of twenty percent (20%) of the Active Members.

Every act or decision made by a majority of those present when a quorum exists shall be an act of the membership.

3. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of ten members. In addition, all past-Presidents of the Academy and the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department Head may at their individual discretion serve on the Executive Committee as ex-officio non-voting members.

At the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Academy the Executive Committee members will draw lots to determine terms; two to serve for one year, three to serve for two years, and three to serve for three years. Successors will be elected for four year terms at future Annual Meetings.

Unexpired vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled at the next Annual Meeting to complete the unexpired term.

The President will be elected from the membership of the Executive Committee by the committee and will serve a two year term.

The Secretary-Treasurer will be appointed by the CSCE Department Head and will serve at the discretion of the CSCE Department Head. If the appointed secretary-treasurer is not a member of the Academy, he or she will be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

4. Officers

The officers of the Executive Committee and of the Arkansas Academy of Computing shall be a President and Secretary-Treasurer.

The officers shall have such duties as are necessary as assigned by the Executive Committee.

Officers shall serve without compensation.

5. Committees

The Executive Committee shall authorize and the President shall appoint such ad hoc committees as are necessary.



The Bylaws may be amended at any Annual meeting for which such intention has been part of the notice of the meeting and the amendment carries the favorable recommendation of two-thirds of the Executive Committee and a majority of the Active Members voting.

The Arkansas Academy of Computing will be self-supporting using exclusively reserved monies deposited with the University of Arkansas Foundation (the Academy general fund) as an account maintained by the Academy.

These monies will result from contributions made or solicited by the members for this and additional purposes.

Each Active Member will be asked to make an annual contribution as described in Article II herein, payable by the date of the annual meeting.

Members of the Academy will be responsible for their individual expenses incurred while attending meetings and other functions of the Academy.

The Executive Committee shall adopt an annual budget which shall be reported to the membership and said budget will provide the Department Head with direction and authority as to the expenditure of monies from the above account.

Active members who have not made contributions as specified in Section IV above for three consecutive years will be transferred to Inactive status.

Inactive members may be reinstated to Active Membership upon payment of the current year’s minimum contribution.

Inactive members may continue to participate in Annual Meeting functions but may not vote on items affecting membership or function of the Academy.



The Academy shall maintain a Scholarship Fund (the “Fund”), which shall be directed to the Computer Science (or equivalent) Departments of such Arkansas institutions of higher education as the Executive Committee shall designate from time to time.

Department Heads of receiving institutions shall agree to grant such scholarships, in amounts as designated by the Executive Committee, in accordance with the stipulation that the purpose of the scholarships is to attract qualified students toward attaining degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or closely related fields.

The Fund shall obtain funds from one or more of the following sources:

  • Monies obtained from direct donations solicited from Academy Members for the specific purpose of funding scholarships, and not otherwise earmarked by a donor as a Named Scholarship (see below), shall be deemed Academy Scholarship General Funds;
  • Monies obtained from individual donors, whether Academy Members or other persons or entities, in amounts of $500 or more, may if directed by the donor, be designated as Academy Named Scholarship Funds and granted to a student or students of an Arkansas institution which may be designated by the donor if the donor so directs, and/or given in the name of the donor or such other name as the donor may direct. Notwithstanding, donations of individual amounts greater than $500 will, unless specifically designated as Named Scholarships by the donor, be placed in Academy Scholarship General Funds and distributed according to the applicable Executive Committee directives governing such distributions;
  • The residue of such other Academy funds, beyond amounts reasonably required for operation and continuity of the Academy, including such amounts as may be reasonably and prudently maintained as reserves, shall be designated Academy Scholarship General Funds.

All such funds shall be maintained by the Computer Science Computer Engineering Department at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville with the funds residing in a UA Foundation account.

A Scholarship Fund Drive, soliciting funds for scholarships, shall be conducted annually, in April and/or May. Immediately following completion of this annual drive the Executive Committee shall meet to finalize the amounts available for scholarships and the institutions to receive them.

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